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FAQ's & Equipment Needed

Company Name: Leipein & Modus Consulting LLC

What type of company is Leipein & Modus?  We opened our doors in October 2007 and have become one of the largest virtual call centers that contracts Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to answer incoming calls for Fortune 500 companies “from home”. Our network includes 8,500 Customer Service Representative’s (CSR) working from home. We are increasing our team over the next several months by adding over 3,000 “new” CSR’s.

How do I know if this is a legitimate career opportunity? The Better Business Bureau performs "extensive" background checks on the company and principals. We have an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. There is a link on the home page of our website to the BBB report. We have never received ONE complaint and have been in business since 2007. Also, please click on the "News & Media Tab" and view several news videos with a recent White House video from President Obama endorsing our partnering company for bringing these type jobs back to America.

Where is your corporate office? Our company operates nationally and since our entire workforce operates from home, our leadership team does the same. Technology is the key for making this opportunity win-win for all parties.


What opportunities do you have? We currently have openings for part-time and full-time independent contractor customer service representatives to take incoming calls for Fortune 500 companies working from home. Customer Service Representatives can live in any state.

What industries will I choose from to service calls? (we can't list company names here due to confidentiality agreements but you will be privy to this information during your onboarding process). All companies you will service are Fortune 500, Top Tier, Industry Leading companies.

  • Nations Largest Cell Phone Billing & Technical Support Companies
  • Nations Leading Tax Preparation Providers
  • Leading Automotive Roadside Assistance Company for over 100 years
  • Most Recognized Cruise Lines
  • Global Consumer Retailers & Many More!

8 Ways Working From Home Saves You $16,300 on average each year with less stress & more time doing what you enjoy most:

  • The "Commute" - average annual cost of gas and maintenance $1,700
  • Coffee – average annual cost $780
  • Lunch and Snacks - average annual cost $1,820
  • Clothing - average annual cost $2,400
  • Communication - average annual cost $600 (Cell phone $50 monthly)
  • Child Care – annual cost for “one child” at $150 weekly - $7,800
  • Tax Savings – Home office and operating cost are tax deductible – consult a tax professional
  • Mental Therapy – work according to your own rules and have a balanced life. Have lunch with your children at school or significant others whenever you wish.

 Are there any costs associated with the opportunity?

Employment and unemployment cost money. Every career opportunity entails cost as listed above but this career actually saves money each day you work with us. Certified Customer Service Professionals have access to sensitive customer information (credit cards, social security numbers etc…).  You are an “independent contractor” with us and for compliance we must have a criminal background checks on each contractor which normally cost $12.95 in most states that you pay online (range $12.95 - $25.95 depending on your state). The only other costs are for your certification ranges from $49 - $100 for CSP 101 and your live training certification fee that ranges from $49 - $299 depending on which client you decide to service. These are “one-time” costs for as long as you work in our independent contractor program. You are certified directly by the Fortune 500 Company prior to servicing clients through daily live web based training during your training process. To make this opportunity even better, “We Reimburse You 100% for Your Background and Certification Costs" after you service for a short period of time up to $125.

****Reimbursement Schedule for Out of Pocket Cost: "No Other Company Does This"

To show our commitment to partners like you, we reimburse you for the cost of your background check and certification cost. After you service calls for 80 hours (2 weeks in many cases), Leipein & Modus Consulting LLC reimburses you 50% of the certification and background check cost. After you service an additional 80 hours (normally in the next two weeks), we reimburse you the remaining 50% of the cost of your background and certification up to $125. You must successfully pass the background and certification course to get reimbursed. Unfortunately, due to contractual reasons Leipein & Modus Consulting LLC is not allowed to pay these costs upfront for you as an independent contractor. This opportunity allows you to make thousands of dollars each month working from home.

How much is the hourly rate of pay? $8 - $12 hour

Most of our career opportunities pay $8 per hour but if you are the type of person who wants to sell, increased income opportunities exist. All positions have bonus incentives that exceed your base pay.

How do I get paid?

You earn wages when you have submitted your work hours, received approval, and log in to work. You get paid the 1st and 15th of each month. Everyone is considered an independent contractor which means we do not take taxes out of your check each pay period.

Do I get paid if no calls come in?

Yes - If you are approved to work a shift and not a single call comes in, you get paid. Although, we have never experienced this miracle, most of the time, the next smiling customer is waiting for you to finish your current call to experience the high level of service you have waiting. This makes your shift go by quickly.

How many hours can I work?

We have hours 24/7 – 365 days and there is no limit on the hours you can work. All work hours are based on a flat rate as "independent contractors". To remain in partnership with us, you must work a minimum of 20 hours each week with 3-5 hours of the 20 worked on Saturday or Sunday. “You” choose the days and times you want to work in 30 minute time frames. Example: work Monday from 9:00 -9:30 and then come back later that day for more hours. Any combination of hours weekly totaling 20 are acceptable

Do You Offer Health Care?

Health Care is offered at the expense of the independent contractor through our partnership with several top providers.

What Can I Do Besides Earning Income?

Help your friends, family members, and co-workers by referring them to They need to earn extra income just like you and we have a position for them.

Equipment Needed for Training & Servicing:

  • A headset with a microphone attached that plugs into your computer – make sure the headset is compatible with your operating system. Expected cost $20 - $30.
  • Hard wired internet – no wireless air cards. Cable based internet is fine.
  • Hard wired “analog” or VOIP phone – The hardline phone must be installed 5 days prior to the “certification date” for testing. The most basic, least expensive analog or voip phone service available is what you need. Vonage is very common among CSP's. Magic Jack is not acceptable as a phone service.

Phone & Headset Options:

The phone and headset many of us use each day is the DA-202 PD100 phone with a Plantronics headset. This works great but is definitely not needed to service. A cheap analog voip phone ($5  - $15) from anywhere is all that is needed. When you service calls, disconnect the handset that came with the phone and connect the headset in the same port.
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