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About Us

Founded in 2007, Leipein & Modus Consulting LLC is one of the world’s leading providers of Customer Service Professionals who “work from home” servicing calls for Fortune 500 companies each day. We understand that our people make us a great organization and make this a phenomenal opportunity for future team mates.

The leadership team has over 35 years of call-center experience and 50 years of business expertise. This company was created to assist our team members in getting ahead financially while spending more time with family and doing the things that mean the most.

The founder of our company is a proud United States Air Force Veteran who has pledged to onboard returning veterans and their spouses through our partnerships. Leipein & Modus Consulting LLC has pledged to give back to the communities we serve with career opportunities and humanitarian initiatives.

Our company is experiencing historical growth nationwide and need thousands of quality people who can work full or part-time each day from home. No other company better understands the value of a diverse work force and the importance of spending time with family and friends.

We welcome you in joining our great company and spreading the word to help yourself, friends, family, church members, and any other person who can work full or part-time each day from home.

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"We Created This Company to Help Americans Get Back Into the Workforce & Spend More Time With Their Families"
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